Central Vacuum Cleaner Systems


Functional description and benefits:

Central vacuum cleaners are an essential part for the implementation of corporate safety and hygiene guidelines.


A largely dimensioned jet filter in vacuum-rated design is positioned at a central location of the facility. A rotary valve discharges the collected dust into bags, Big bags or containers.

A net of stainless-steel pipelines connects to all cleaning locations.

Every cleaning spot contains a hose (arbitrary length) with sucking-nozzle. In order to start cleaning, the nozzle is simply taken out of the holder and the vacuum system is activated. A largely dimensioned vacuum pump generates the vacuum air stream.   

special advantages

  • For the quick and easy cleaning of rooms, machines and facilities

  • Fast system availability

  • High performance blowers provide a large throughput

  • Especially suitable for the clean-up of rest-material out of machines or systems

  • Any number of cleaning spots possible – up to 5 can be operated at the same time

  • Optional design for the foods-, animal feed-, chemical- & plastics-industries

  • Optional dust explosion rated design (ATEX)
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