Turn-key, high-end solution for storing, bulk loading and filling for the production of flour

Turn-key, high-end solution for storing, bulk loading and filling for the production of flour

One of our long-standing customers, a traditional milling company, repeatedly contracted Daxner with expansion projects for its production. The newly installed silo plant serves the storage, bulk loading and filling of various high-quality products such as flour, bran and semolina made of wheat, corn, rye and spelt.


Storing and Conveying

The silo plant for the separate storage of conventional and gluten-free products consists of 24 silos with a volume of 25 to 50 cubic meters. Every silo is equipped with a full/empty indicator, as well as a pressure and vacuum indicator with a safety valve and a connection to the central aspiration system.

Vibro bin dischargers and aeration systems ensure the trouble free silo discharge of the product. A pneumatic system fills the silos which transports the various products from the mill to the respective silo.

Control lines

Optionally, products exiting the mill can be redirected over a control line (one for corn, the other one for wheat, rye and spelt). There, the material passes through a control sieve and an all-metal separator before entering the silo via the pneumatic system. Furthermore, an impact machine destroys the eggs of parasites the flour might contain. This process ensures high product safety.

Bagging / Big bag filling / Small packaging line

The product is filled into 25kg bags or Big bags.

The small packaging line for the filling of household sizes varying from 1-10kg is supplied directly by one of 4 silos. From there, the products reach a collection hopper with outlet flaps, which doses the flour over a rotary valve onto the packaging line.


The finished product is bulk loaded into silo or dump trucks. With the help of a butterfly valve and a downpipe, the product reaches a collection hopper before being loaded into the trucks via loading chutes.


A vacuum radial ventilator removes the accumulated dust throughout the plant. The jet filter of this central aspiration system separates dust from clean air, exhausting it outside. The dust is collected into predestined Big bags and disposed of.

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