Installation & Service

Installation & Service

Installation, start-up and commissioning

When delivering turnkey solutions, the correct installation of the equipment is key for a flawless functionality of the system. Therefore, we look at this phase as perhaps the most important stage of the project.

Our installation technicians are experienced professionals with excellent knowledge and expertise in the field of powder handling. This knowledge allows them to combine an overview over the complete system installation and the ability to foresee an eventual, non-obvious detailed problem of any kind.

The taking into operation and handing over of the finished production facility is always accompanied by detailed training of the operating personnel and our complete machine and plant documentation.

On site installation of Daxner equipment ranging from single components to turnkey processing plants. Installations in various regions, such as Asia Pacific, Latin America, Russia, Saudi Arabia or USA are no exceptions for our experienced and highly motivated supervisors and installations technicians.

We provide

Bulk- and powder processing plants are investments for the future. Therefore customers expect those plants to keep their performance and output characteristics which they promise today also in their long-term future.

With Daxner, you can be certain that following the start of production, you will constantly have a partner available, who is on hand to answer questions or deal with any problems. In fact, Daxner provides ongoing support throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment, from the completion of maintenance, to inspections, servicing, repairs and the rapid supply of spare parts.

Also in case of unforeseeable events, such as any kind of disturbance, we offer a fast and reliable service for our client. This secures sustainable plant management, which minimizes production standstills due to technical problems and thus prevents losses and the resultant costs.