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Are you interested in technology and do you like working with tools and machines?

Do you enjoy working in a team and are you reliable?

Then the metal technician apprenticeship is just the thing!

For metal technicians, everything revolves around metals, machines and tools. Metal technicians master the processing of metals into components, semi-finished and finished products, they understand the design and manufacture of many different components, they put theory into practice and manufacture innovative systems and machines on the basis of plans and drawings.

Your strengths

Thorough, precise and concentrated work

Ability to work in a team

Technical understanding


Logical-analytical thinking

Manual dexterity

period: 3,5 years

Most important activities:

  • Selection and handling of materials as well as their processing by hand
  • Reading and the use of technical documents
  • Planning and implementation of work processes and application of quality assurance measures
  • Manufacture of machines, components etc. as well as their assembly and installation
  • Troubleshooting and repairs

Central training content:

  • Tools, work aids and materials
  • Devices, (CNC) machines and systems
  • Welding techniques
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Electrical engineering and electric drives
  • Safety regulations and standards
  • Various metalworking techniques e.g. to get to know and apply drilling, milling

Metal technicians process metallic and non-metallic materials, metal parts, molded parts and blanks using a wide variety of techniques such as turning, filing, milling, screwing, drilling, thread cutting, grinding, sawing, cutting, riveting, bending, welding or soldering to machine components, tools, steel and sheet metal constructions, etc.

The range of products extends from individual components such as a stainless steel container to entire systems made of steel. Finished workpieces are cleaned and subjected to various surface treatments such as polishing, grinding, painting, impregnating, sealing refined and protected.

The apprenticeship remuneration is regulated according to the Austrian “Kollektivvertrag für Arbeiter im eisen- und metallverarbeitenden Gewerbe” (Collective Agreement for Iron and Metal working Trade). As an additional incentive, we offer a bonus system that rewards special achievements during training.

Your career

Daxner offers complete system solutions for the use, processing and transport of floury and granular powders and granulates. The variety of activities in our workshop is as broad as our range of services. Highly trained, experienced and committed metal technicians are the basis for the high quality and reliability of our machines and systems.

Since the company was founded in 1984, we have been training apprentices as metal technicians at Daxner and promoting their further development within the company. In-house training is a success story for us. Our production manager and apprentice trainer, our assembly manager, our production team leader as well as our central top specialists in our workshop started out as apprentices with us.


In 2022, Daxner was again awarded as an exemplary training company with ineo 2022-2025. “Ineo” stands for innovation – sustainability – commitment – orientation – those values that make an apprenticeship position a starting point with future!

Companies that bear the ineo seal integrate their apprentices into the training in an exemplary manner, they act in a committed and responsible manner and they actively support them in their professional development and orientation.

Would you like to start an apprenticeship as a metal technician?

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