Inductive metal detectors and separators

Inductive metal detectors and separators

Functional description and benefits

Automated deflection systems are used in the separation of metal contaminants from bulk materials in a free fall environment. Such systems can be easily integrated into existing pipelines using standard connections. The well thought-out design prevents a product buildup and blockages. All system components are designed to meet the strict hygiene requirements in the food industry.

Metal separators for bulk materials also can be integrated in horizontal, vertical or inclined vacuum and pressure conveying pipes. These separators are fully automatic in operation and remove any ferrous or non-ferrous metal particles from bulk materials such as granulate, powder or flour.

Metal detectors integrated in conveyor belt lines primarily are used for the incoming and outgoing inspection of packaged bulk materials and of individually packed materials. They can be combined with many types of customer-specific separating units (air blast nozzles, pusher, separating slides, …). Complete systems – comprising of a conveyor belt, metal detector, and separating unit – guarantee reliable operation with the highest detection accuracy.


Reliable separation of all ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles out of bulk materials, e.g. powders, granules, flour.

Highly flexible, completely integrated system

Prevention of product buildup and blocking

Optional designs for all fields of application and conveying conditions: Bulk goods (freefall), Bulk goods (vaccuum/pressure), Bulk goods (conveyor belt systems), liquids, pastes, flakes and chunks

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