Manual dosing system
for small and micro batches


Functional description and benefits:


The manual dosing system is implemented for the storage of small and micro components in small bins. These bins are filled with a mobile bag intake station with control screen and inline grid magnet.


The micro batch dosing system consists of a mobile station with built in weighing bin, operator terminal, and bar-code printer. The dosing is manually and operator guided.

Electronic surveillance of every storage bin including a signal lamp avoids material confusions.   


special advantages

  • Quality check of the used raw materials
  • Easy and clean storage of small and micro batches
  • Operator guided, documented manual dosing
  • Order-specific and traceable dosing of all components
  • Optional design for the foods-, animal feed-, chemical- & plastics-industries 
  • Optional dust explosion rated design (ATEX)
  • User-friendly system design


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