Central vacuum cleaning systems

Central vacuum cleaning systems

Functional description and benefits

Central vacuum cleaners are an essential part for the implementation of corporate safety and hygiene guidelines.

A suitable sized jet filter in vacuum-rated design is positioned at a central location of the facility. A rotary valve discharges the collected dust into bags, big bags or containers.

A network of stainless-steel pipelines connects to all cleaning locations.

Every cleaning point contains a hose (arbitrary length) with the appropriate nozzle. In order to start cleaning, the nozzle is simply removed from the holder, then the vacuum system is activated. The suitably sized vacuum pump generates the vacuum air stream.


For the quick, easy and effective cleaning of rooms, machines and facilities

Once installed, it’s on hand 24/7

High performance blowers provide a large throughput

Especially suitable for the cleaning of spilled product and residue out of machines or systems

Any number of cleaning positions are possible – up to 5 cleaning points can be operated at the same time

Hygienic Design

Optional dust explosion rated design (ATEX)

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