Combined bag dump & big bag discharge station

Combined bag dump & big bag discharge station

The bag dump station – equipped with a removable top – serves as an intake station for powders and granular materials. Depending on the production needs, it can be fed out of bags and Big bags.

(1) Big bags discharge

The operator slides the loops over the loop holders. Now the bag can be lifted up by the electric hoist and positioned along the hoist-track. Once the bag is positioned just above the docking system, the Big bag out-feed hose is slipped over the inner connection socket. Now the discharge can be started.

Both a special sealing and dust collection in the space between the inner and outer connection socket prevents dust generation. Optional discharge aids for products with poor flow characteristics are bag massagers or vibro-discharge cones.

(2) Bag intake

Bags are places on top of the machine and emptied. A connected dust control system minimizes dust generation. If a central aspiration system is installed, it is started automatically when the flap of the hopper opens. If the filter is mounted directly on top of the bag dump station, dust  from the filter hoses simply falls back into the hopper.

Big bag discharge station combined with bag dump station VIB & PRESS

Daxner’s control screening machine VIB & PRESS offers an innovative processing technology for the gentle and fine screening of sensitive, slightly clumpy or fatty products. Its successful application in many industries has promoted further design advancements: The VIB & PRESS COMBI accomodates bag as well as Big bag intake.

During the screening process, two processes engage with one another: Parallel to the screening, which is executed by a vibrating screen (VIB), the product is pressed through the screen (Press) by a slowly rotating stirring discharger. Even if small mesh widths are used, the screen will remain free of residue and will be simultaneously cleaned due to the vibrations. Lumps and agglomerations are gently reduced.

An efficient Big bag discharge system has been developed with sturdy, special arranged massagers for the discharge of products with poor flow characteristics. 4 paddles apply pressure onto the Big bag for a continuous discharge. Big bags are connected via a manual double walled system. A hose filter with a radial ventilator keeps the system dust-free.


Versatility through feeding out of Big bags and bags

Round, robust construction – no material residue in corners and edges.

De-dusting via a central aspiration system or an individual bunker filter

Dust free Big bag connection system via docking mechanism

Optional connection line to control screen KS (vibratory flat screen)

Optional direct-connection line to following devices down the production process (lump breaker, vibro bin discharger for products with poor flow characteristics etc.)

Modular design allows optimal adjustments to specific customer needs

Optional design VIB & PRESS KOMBI

Hygienic Design

Optional dust explosion rated design (ATEX)

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