Customized Big bag discharge station

Customized Big bag discharge station

Functional description and benefits

Big bags are positioned on the docking station with a hoist. The manually or pneumatically activated docking mechanism enables a safe and dust-free Big bag discharge.

The operator slides the loops over the loop holders. Now the bag can be lifted up by the electric hoist and positioned along the hoist-track. Once the bag is positioned above the docking system, the Big bag out-feed hose is slipped over the inner connection socket. Now the discharge can be started.

Both, a special seal and dust collection in the space between the inner and outer connection socket, prevent dust generation. Optional discharge aids for products with poor flow characteristics are bag massagers or vibro-discharge cones.

Big bag dosing stations are implemented for the automatic dosing of components.


Dust tight operation due to twin walled docking system for dust control

Easy to operate for one person

Reliable discharge

Robust construction

Maximum operator safety

Optional massager- or vibro-discharge aids

Hygienic Design

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