Dosing & Screening machine DM30 Easy Clean

Dosing and Screening machine DM30 EASY CLEAN


All-in-One: Metering and sieving unit are combined. This way you save space and operating costs.

Easy inspection, fast cleaning: The metering and sieving unit can be easily pulled out for inspection thanks to the guided pull-out device: This allows a precise inspection of the entire interior and product chamber. If the screen basket needs to be changed, this can be done quickly and conveniently. The same applies to cleaning the machine.

Hygienic Design: The DM30 Easy Clean follows the principles of Hygienic Design. No compromise on quality and consequently reduced costs on downtime for cleaning and energy. The DM30 Easy Clean is made of stainless steel, AISI 304.

Shaft sealing by means of monitored air flushing: Monitoring ensures safe and low-maintenance operation.



The machine consists of a dosing and screening unit. They are powered by two separate motors, which are positioned on the opposing face sides. With the help of the ergonomic pull-out device the screening and dosing unit can simply be pulled out for controls. This enables a closer inspection and the exchanging of screen baskets as well as fast cleaning due to good accessibility.
On the inside of the machine, the rotating paddles connect to the dosing screw. Rotating paddles generate centrifugal force, which presses the material through a stationary screen. Particles smaller than the screen mesh width surpass the screen whereas particles sizes larger than the mesh width pass on to the rough´s outlet. Through the centrifugal force and the generated vibrations, the screen jacket keeps clean.

All-in-One – Dosing system & Centrifugal screener

Ergonomic fast & easy cleaning pull-out device for screening and dosing unit

Hygienic Design

Monitored air purge fitting with shaft seals

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