Silo accessories | Jet filter

Silo accessories | Jet filter

Functional principle and benefits

Daxner’s jet filter is used for the dust control of silos and bins. The separation of the material air-mixture into clean air and dust happens in the silo hoses (or cartridges).

Nozzles pressurize the filter hoses with air pulses and clean them from the remaining dust. This requires oil-free, dry air pressurized with 6-8 bars. The controls system activates the nozzles in a periodical sequence.

Quick action clamps assure an easy disassembly for cleaning and inspection. The easy slide-out hose exchange system allows the exchange of the complete set of filter hoses within seconds by simply opening the door and sliding them out.

This system makes it possible to use different filter assemblies for different materials one at the time to eliminate cross contamination.


High performance filter hoses with a large load capacity

Automated air pulses ensure a reliable performance

Round filter housing

High level of exhaust air cleanliness

Uses only small amounts of pressurized air for thorough hose cleansing

Easy bag exchange at the clean air side on the filter top

Optimized sliding-hose exchange system for easy clean

Complete dismantling of the filter without the use of tools

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