Weighing bin

Weighing bin

Functional description and benefits

Daxner’s weighing bins are used for the precise weighing of bulk solids, these are characterized as de-coupled weighing bins which are supported on high-end load cells. Customized weighing bins are adapted to the specific powder characteristics at hand and assure a residue-free operation.

Material enters the weighing bin through the feed gate. The dosing unit prior to the weighing bin measures the material according to the recipe at hand into the bin.

Roughs & fines dosing control provide high accuracy of the component quantity to be dosed. After the exact component batch is weighed, the weighing bin is emptied and the next batch can start.

We place great importance on the elimination of edges and corners and on choosing the best possible surface finish when designing weighing bins. Optional discharge aids such as knockers, vibro-dischargers etc. assure a residue-free weighing bin discharge.


High weighing accuracy

Variable bin sizes

High-end surface finish

Optional discharge aids

Robust construction

Customized specification by modular design available

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