Rework processing daxRec

Rework processing daxRec

Functional description and benefits

Handling of leftover bread or dough: With its short mixing times, homogenous mass, raw material economies, high water binding levels and easy cleaning, this machine works as a homogeniser for residual bread mashes, or as a pre-mixer for all-in masses.

Through the DAXNER process, the leftover bread or dough will be liquified with a minimum of water and homogenized by the selected technique of fine grinding in a rotorstator system. The result is an extremely fine suspension, which is pumpable and will no longer separate. This condenses the storage of the finished cream mass.


  • Single-walled stainless steel mixing hopper
  • Hinged lid with handles
  • Drive: powerful three-phase motor with knives and hygienic mechanical ring seal
  • Fine grinder


  1. Double-walled (tempering)
  2. Mobile design
  3. Mixing hopper on load cells
  4. Conveying and dosing pump as a compact centrifugal pump
  5. Conveying pipe loop to eliminate product dripping
  6. Stand-alone control unit
  7. Shredder/coarse grinder


Intensifies taste

Time efficient mixing of a homogeneous mass without risk of separation

Increase dough yields due to great water absorption and reduction of bakery improvers

Produces a brighter crumb

Enhanced freshness and shelf life due to higher water absorbtion

Easy cleaning due to easy accessibility

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