Modern milling solution meets highest hygienic standards

Modern milling solution meets highest hygienic standards

The made-to-measure concept for this traditional milling firm combines the best economic solution with the highest quality solution. To achieve this, the milling diagram was tailored closely to the requirements and needs of our customer.


The high quality standards set by the family-run company demanded for a newly built combined milling system for the grinding of wheat, rye and spelt.

Key goals of the new milling technology:

  • meeting highest hygienic standpoints
  • further improve product quality
  • increase in performance, including space for further expansion

Before the start of the project, the mill’s daily performance was 16 tons. The new milling system was able to double the grinding performance of wheat to 40 tons a day, the daily grinding performance for rye is 25 tons.

Ideal project flow

The building was constructed with reinforced concrete and coated industrial flooring. The only requirement preset for the planning phase was the size of the build since it had to fit inbetween the loading silo and the existing building. The precise engineering of the Daxner team and the exact 3D CAD planning of the milling concept ensured an optimized construction progress leading up to the installation and taking into operation of the plant. Since the new plant was built next to the existing one, any downtime due to construction was prevented. The on-site flour silo as well as the bulk solids loading station from previous modernization projects, also led by Daxner, could be integrated into the new system.

Construction of the new roller mills

7 new roller mills, type phenomill, were implemented into the new plant. For the combined grinding system B1 and B2, the customer chose exchangable passage lines. These lines have roller mills with a diameter of 300mm on one side and 250mm on the other side, equipped with the suitable roll fluting for wheat and rye meals. The option of using both roller diameters in one housing is especially useful for the combined grinding system.

The back part of the grinding line is a sectioned grinding line. The roller lenghts can be adjusted to the bulk solids material at hand.

Wheat meal usually requires a roller diamater of 250mm, 1:2.5 smooth rollers 250mm 1:1.25 transmission ratio.

The roll fluting was chosen according to the requirements of a combined mill, the crowning was sanded to fit the expected load. The inlet of the machine are equipped with high inlet mount and an inspection glass which allows for a generous amount of material buffer. The sensor technology for the control and regulation system is attached to the inspection glass. The central control system is operated in the control’s center which measures the sensors and regulates the production process accordingly.

Square plan sifter with 16 subdivisions

Daxner used a modern state-of-the-art square plansifter Typ 624. it is equipped with an aluminum sieve frame and combi-cleaner and divided into 16 passages. The machines are designed in regular steel and coated in a food grade powder coating. All sieves are covered with nytal nylon.

Specific details of this solution

The execution of the entire milling system was carefully selected according to the highest hygienic standards. For the piping system, Daxner developed a system to integrate the classic modular system with stainless steel pipes. This system excels in easy cleaning and allows for a time and cost efficient installation. The milling pneumatic system was executed in stainless steel. Another detailled and customer-specific solution was the flour collection station made by Daxner. It is equipped with a lowerable device that can extend sideways to allow for easy access and fast and thorough cleaning. The mill’s production processes run smoothly and quietly.

The plant control system ensures a fully automated production and complete traceability.

Key components
of this solution

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