Silo loading plant for animal feed-pellets

Silo loading plant for animal feed-pellets

Daxner delivered a new silo plant for the storage of ready-made animal feed for a highly prestigous manufacturer of pet food. The silo loading plant is characterized by short loading times and high product quality.


During the manipulation (mechanical and pneumatical conveying, transport etc.) of animal feed-pellets an abrasion takes place, resulting in finer particle sizes in the feed. Due to the partially high abrasion the quality of the animal feed can be considerably reduced. Daxner’s silo loading plant prevents this loss of quality.

Short loading times can be reached by the installation of a mobile chain conveyor with 2 pcs. directly mounted loading units.

High product quality can be achieved through an installed screening of the animal feed, directly before it is loaded into the tanker truck. In addition, an automatic, rotating and continuous sampling unit is installed which enables an inspection and sampling of the animal feed.

Capacity of the silo plant: appr. 100 t/h
Pellet-size: 4 – 10 mm
Bulk density: 0,6 kg/dm3

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