Innovative dosing and mixing plant for pet food additives

Innovative dosing and mixing plant for pet food additives

A pet food producer aimed for “a six-fold increase of the annual production volume”. Daxner took up this challenge and delivered an innovative and well-designed complete solution consisting of a flexible, automated mixing and dosing plant for the production of various pet food additives.


Complete, efficient solution

The impressive plant design meets all expectations regarding the throughput performance, dosing accuracy and hygiene.

The container transport system within the production facility consists of containers, which transport the goods to the various collection points throughout the plant. The raw material consists of large, medium and small components. Large components such as wheat bran, flavorings or mineral nutrients are delivered in silo trucks or in Big bags and are stored in outdoor silos. The Big bags are transported to the Big bag discharge stations. Afterwards, a pneumatic pressure system transports the ingredients into the large components silos. Medium components, arriving in Big bags or in bags, are supplied via intake stations and stored in day silos before being weighed and filled into containers. The small components are added in the small components cells.

The handling of minor components take place in a designated micro components area where the smallest amounts are weighed by hand and added to the mixing process manually. A manual bag intake stations fills the containers.

After the dosing of all ingredients, the components proceed from the weighing bin to the transport containers. The filled containers transport the material with the help of an automatic chain conveyor. There, they empty their load via a fully automated docking system. A container lift transports the containers to the different stories of the production plant.

Mixer in Hygienic Design

The mixing system of the main production line consists of several mixing lines. The product is dosed directly from the container to the mixer by a flap with a permanent magnet. After the mixing process, a flexible docking bellow guides the blend to a transport container.

Eventually, the final product is packaged at one of the packaging lines. The transport containers either deliver the blend to holding tanks or directly transfer them to the packaging station.

A central vacuum cleaning system guarantees a dust-free production process in conformity with all safety and hygienic guidelines.

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