Continuous mixer daxDou 3.1

Continuous mixer daxDou 3.1

Functional description and benefits

Benefits daxDou 3.1 mixer:

Universally applicable: The daxDou 3.1 was developed for the gentle mixing of flour with water. No matter what type of dough: The daxDou 3.1 can handle almost all requirements.

Consistent quality: no fluctuations in dough quality and temperature. This is made possible by automated, continuous control of the process.

Hygienic design: The daxDou 3.1 can be completely disassembled without tools and cleaned down to the last screw. Thanks to a mobile cleaning rack, transport to the washroom is child‘s play. An optional surface finish with NP® coating (lotus blossom effect) greatly simplifies cleaning. Safe and efficient operation.


Function daxDou 3.1 mixer:

The daxDou 3.1 batcher is used for gentle mixing of flour, water, and additional components. It is designed according to the principle of a continuous mixer and has special design features for dough production. As a result, different types of dough (rye sourdough, wheat sourdough, wheat predough or similar) can be produced with various dough yields.

For easy and thorough cleaning, the mixing tool can be completely removed from the housing. Wet cleaning takes place in the washroom.

A hopper scale and a differential dosing scale are installed for continuous gravimetric flour addition. The required amount of flour is dosed from the storage silo into the hopper scale, which refills the differential weigh feeder. The differential weigh feeder with attached dosing screw continuously supplies the feeder with flour by weight. The dosing quantity can be infinitely adjusted. The liquid component is metered by means of a flow meter.

An electronic control system regulates throughput rate, dough yield, and dough temperature. The weighing system enables the system to be run empty.


Flexible use for different types of dough

Easy to clean

Consistent dough quality and temperature

High production performance

Automated control for trouble-free operation

Visual control thanks to inspection port

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