Continuous mixer daxDou

Continuous mixer daxDou

Functional description and benefits

The continuous mixer daxDou is used for the intensive mixing of flour, water and additional components. It is designed according to the principle of a flow mixer and has certain constructive features for dough production. Thereby it is possible to produce different kinds of dough (wheat sour, wheat pre dough, rye sour or similar) with low dough yields.

For an easy and careful cleaning, the mixing shaft is completely extractable out of the housing. The system will be wet cleaned with an integrated high-pressure system with high-pressure nozzles.

A hopper scale and a differential dosing scale are installed for the continuous gravimetric feeding of flour. The necessary flour quantity will be dosed from the storage silo into the hopper scale. The differential dosing scale with integrated dosing screw is supplying flour continuously in the exact quantity to the mixer. The dosing capacity is infinitely variable.

The liquid components will be dosed via flow meter. An electrical control unit is regulating throughput capacity, dough yields and dough temperature. Due to the weighing system the system can be completely emptied.


Fermentation tank requires no flour and therefore stays dust free

Visual control due to the extractable screw

Hygienic Design

Bulk quantity of liquid, which controls the dough temperature, could be increased, because of the low dough yields

Firmer dough (greater processing tolerance)

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