Production of high-quality additives for pet food

Production of high-quality additives for pet food

Our customer is a worldwide leader when it comes to developing and producing plant-based phytogenic feed additives. Daxner designed and implemented a concept for the expansion of the production facility, meeting the high customer’s quality standards.


Project goals:

Increasing production capacity

To satisfy the growing global demand for phytogenic additives (increasing by 25% p.a.), the production capacity had to be tripled. The implemented concept made by Daxner integrates the existing plant and on-site flexible container system seamlessly. Furthermore, it includes a plan for future expansions.

Meeting highest quality standards

a) All components are executed in Hygienic Design (easy clean, no corners and edges, smooth surface finish) and rust-free stainless steel.

b) Near contamination-free operation
Residue-free discharge of machines and containers including conveying systems, vibro bins and fluidization lines. Pneumatic conveying transports the components into the weighing bin above the batch mixer.

Utmost quality and safety

The quality and safety measures fulfill the highest standards:

a) Possible contaminants within the product flow are sieved out automatically. A strong magnet separates ferrous foreign particles.

b) Loading stations
The small filling line packages the finished blends (containers) coming from the container discharge station. Reliable high-end all metal separators control screen the product for any ferrous contaminants. Metals of all kinds (stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.) are separated automatically.

c) Silo head dryer
The continous addition of dry air into the silo head prevents contamination (formation of mold).

Rationed production

Components handling: large components are stored in outdoor silos, medium components in Big bags. A dust-free Big bag connection system is responsible for the discharge of the ingredients. A docking system fills the finished blend into a container.

Hand components: a bag intake station combined with a Big bag discharge station adds the pre-commissioned hand components to the production flow. The on-site batch mixers were integrated into the new production facility.

Near dust-free execution: The entire system is equipped with a suitably sized central aspiration sytem. To fulfill the strict environmental guidelines, an active carbon filter neutralizes the cleaned air.

Full automation/traceability

Our long-standing partner, company ESA Elektronische Steuerungs- und Automatisierungs GmbH, implemented the automatic controls sytem to the full satisfaction of the customer.

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